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Satish Kumar’s songs has touched the heart of millions. His songs are one step towards divinity and peace. Calvary temple the biggest church in the India was started by Bro Satish Kumar when he heard the voice of God and started working for his vision thereafter. He started working and was in process of achieving the God’s vision he chose this path and made songs popularly called as Satish Kumar Songs. To keep up with the par of ever changing and developing world, he decided to work not only with audios but videos also with the name Satish Kumar Videos Songs. You can access these songs on our website of Cmportal.in and enjoy them anytime anywhere.

To make things more comfortable and make available songs offline you can download free Satish Kumar audio and video songs.

His collection of songs is varied given in different albums ie Satish Kumar albums. Not only songs but there are many sermons also given by him for the Calvary temple church. Satish Kumar is said to be miraculously met Jesus when he was just 12 and since then he started working for Jesus as he seemed to have the supreme power to hear the voice of lord Jesus Christ

His preaching’s been broadcasted as 225 program per month. He built the famous sculpture of Calvary temple in just 15 days with capacity of 18000.

His famous Calvary songs are Neevunte Chalunaya, Nee Krupa Chalunaya, Thaluchukunte Chaalunaya, Nee Thodu Chalunaya, Nee Prema Chalunaya and many more. Bro Satish Kumar Telugu Christian Songs mp3 albums list is also available such as Brathakalani Unna, Eetharam Yuvatharam, Idi Nyaayamaama, Manninchuma Manninchuma and many similar and top rated Christian Songs are available.

CMPortal.in keeps you updated with all the latest Christian Songs praise and worship songs, with all the visual and audio aids to serve you better. Satish Kumar Songs, Calvary Temple Songs all albums 1 to 11 are available. So stay tuned with our amazing site CMPortal.in.


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