Dr.Satish Kumar Songs

Dr.Satish Kumar Songs

Dr.brother p Satish Kumar latest new all audio, video Jesus album songs list free download mp3

DR. P. Satish Kumar is the pastor of the fastest-growing and largest Christian Church in the world with over 300,000 members on one campus. Satish Kumar was born in a multi-generational radical Hindu family in India. He stepped towards divinity and preaching and came to save his faith in Lord Jesus Christ at his tender age of 12 and soon he was blessed with the immense power to recognize God’s voice and know God’s will in his life and even in his ministry. He was called to the pastoral ministry at 18 years of age, and he founded Calvary Temple Church at 21.

In 2012, Bro Satish Kumar says Jesus asked him to build a sanctuary that would accommodate 18,000 people on a 12-acre piece of land in Hyderabad, India. The pastor has started establishing Calvary Temple Campus Churches throughout India. Building the very big church easy but Bro. Satish Kumar with his courage and support of his brothers and along with the blessings of Lord Jesus Christ, this vision of building church became reality.

Satish Kumar has a long list of Telugu songs for bestowing his love upon Lord Jesus Christ. He has extensively traveled across the world organizing concerts and singing his beautiful and soulful songs which help in bonding over our love for God.

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DR. P. Satish Kumar has a long list of 30 popular songs in his name.

Satish Kumar has launched his albums as well and all of them has earned him a good name. His songs and albums are widely accepted and highly appreciated.

List of Satish Kumar famous albums.

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