Good Friday 2021: What is Good Friday and Why is it Celebrated?

Good Friday is said to be the day Jesus Christ was crucified, while Easter Sunday marks Christ’s resurrection from the dead. Here are the answers to Good Friday and everything else you need to know about it. This holiday can coincide with the Jewish Passover celebration.

Good Friday is one of the most supportive days and should be celebrated by the Christian community. You could say this religious festival. We all saw this Good Friday that all cases of Christianity are wearing new clothes and praying for everything from humanity to despair, from love to hate.

Today is supposed to be a holy day for Christians, but while the name indicates that people celebrate Good Friday 2021, quite the opposite. This is a day when people think of Jesus and pray to God. Many people celebrate the day in different ways and according to their traditions, but the general fact is that they all pray in their own way, ensuring there is no happiness in their homes or families.

Let us see the meaning of good friday and what is good friday?

When is Good Friday?

Many countries celebrate Good Friday 2021 as a national holiday on the Friday before Easter. That day marks the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ. Some countries follow the Orthodox calendar, which allows Good Friday to be on a different date.

What is Good Friday?

The most important event in Christianity is the death and then the resurrection of Jesus Christ, whom Christians believe to be the Son of God and whose life and teachings form the basis of Christianity.

After the Last Supper, Jesus was arrested in the garden of Gethsemane, tried, and sentenced to death. Then his wrists and feet were tied to a large cross and nailed to death. That is why the cross is used as a symbol of the Christian faith.

Good Friday meaning Good Friday is a day of mourning. During a special service on Friday, Christians reflect on the suffering and death of Jesus on the cross and what this means for their faith.

Good Friday facts

There are some facts about Good Friday that many people don’t realize. Although there are many different theories about Good Friday, these facts are widely held and observed by Christians.

Jesus crucified: Good Friday 2021 is the day on which Jesus was found, connected, crucified and also buried. If you read the Bible, you will know the full story that happened that day. The people found Jesus in his hiding place, and from there he was led away by the people to be judged. Even though he was released by the Roman governor at the time, people still demanded that he be killed. They treated him cruelly, beat him with sticks and stones, he was also spat on and his clothes were torn; she must wear a crown of thorns. He was then nailed to a cross and hung until he died, after which he was buried.

The liturgy is not celebrated: when the liturgy is celebrated in church, it is usually celebrated, but on that day it is not celebrated. There are no decorations in the church, nor do people celebrate or greet one another the way they do on happy occasions. After all, the cross is revered in the Church; It was in the center of the altar where one could easily see it. Many people also approached him to kiss and touch him in memory of Jesus and his suffering and to convey their love for him.

Why is it called Good Friday?

At first glance, it seems like a strange name for a day that marks a terrible event like the crucifixion, but when we look at the origin of the name it becomes clearer … or there will be, if there was one origin it would be that people would agree. In the current form, you can choose from the following options:

  • Some say it comes from using “good” as an adjective for the day, which was an old English synonym for “holy”.
  • Others believe that this is due to the malfunction of the word “God”, just as “goodbye” comes from the phrase “God be with you”. Therefore, the name can be taken from “Good Friday”.
  • No doubt most Christians find the day “good” because the Easter message is about Christ’s victory over sin, death and the devil. In fact, the New Testament is also known as the Bible, which in Greek means “good news.”

It should also be noted that confusion about this name is largely confined to Western European and North American Christians. Eastern Orthodox Christians call it “Good Friday.” Worldwide, it is known as Good Friday devotional in most Latin American countries, by Slavs as “Good Friday”, in Germany as “Friday of Mourning” and in Norway as “Good Friday”.

What happened on Good Friday?

On Good Friday devotional, Christians focus on the death of Jesus Christ. The night before his death, Jesus and his disciples attended the Last Supper and then went to the garden of Gethsemane. There, Jesus spent his final hours praying to the Father while his disciples slept nearby.As he went further, he fell to the ground and prayed: “My father, if possible, let me take this cup. But not what I want, but like you.

“This cup” is death by crucifixion, one of the most terrifying and painful methods of execution in ancient times. But “this cup” is worse than the cross. Christ knew in death that He would take the sin of the world – even the most heinous crime ever – to deliver believers from sin and death:

“He implored so intensely and in such an excess of agony that his perspiration tumbled to the ground like huge drops of blood.” (Luke 22:44, NLT)

Before dawn, Jesus was arrested. At dawn, he was interrogated and sentenced by the Sanhedrin. But before they could kill him, the religious leaders first needed Rome to approve their death sentence. Jesus is taken to Pontius Pilate, Roman governor of Judea. Pilate found no reason to blame Jesus. When he discovered that Jesus had come from Galilee, which was under Herod’s jurisdiction, Pilate sent Jesus to Herod, who was in Jerusalem at the time.

Jesus refuses to answer Herod’s questions, and Herod sends him back to Pilate. Even though Pilate found him innocent, he feared that the crowds would crucify Jesus and have Jesus executed.

Jesus was severely beaten, ridiculed, hit on the head with a stick, and spat on. A crown of thorns was placed on her head and she was stripped naked. He had to carry his own cross, but when he was too weak, Simon of Cyrene had to carry it.

Jesus was taken to Calvary, where the soldiers stuck nails like nails into his wrists and ankles and tied them to the cross. Above his head was the inscription “King of the Jews.” Jesus hung on the cross for about six hours before he took his last breath. On the cross the soldiers cast lots for Jesus’ robe. The audience shouted insults and derision.

Two criminals were crucified at the same time. One hung on the right of Jesus and the other on the left (Luke 23: 39-43). At a certain point Jesus shouted out to his dad: “Wow, my Lord, for what reason did you leave me?

Then darkness covered the earth. When Jesus gave up his spirit, an earthquake shook the earth and tore the temple curtain in half from top to bottom:

“At that moment the veil on the sanctuary of the temple was torn in half from top to bottom. The earth shook, the rocks split open, and the graves opened. The bodies of many pious men and women who had died were taken from the dead. They left the graves after Jesus’ resurrection, entered the holy city. Jerusalem and appeared to many people “(Matthew 27: 51-53, NLT)

Roman soldiers used to break criminals’ legs, making death quicker. But only thieves break their legs. When the soldiers came to Jesus, he was already dead.

As night fell, Joseph of Arimathea (with the help of Nicodemus) removed the body of Jesus from the cross and placed it in his new tomb. A large stone was thrown at the entrance which sealed the tomb.

Why is Good Friday called Good Friday?

In Christianity, God is holy and humans are sinners. Holiness is incompatible with sin, so human sin separates us from God. The penalty for sin is eternal death. But human death and animal sacrifice were not sufficient to atone for sin. The Atonement requires an offering that is perfect, flawless, made right.

Christians believe that Jesus Christ is the only perfect Man of God, that his death was the perfect atonement for sin, and that through Jesus our sins can be forgiven. So when we receive Jesus Christ’s payment for sin, He takes away our sins and restores our proper reputation before God. God’s mercy and grace make salvation possible and we receive the gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ. This belief explains why the date of Jesus’ crucifixion is considered “Good Friday devotional”.

Good Friday Traditions

Many services are held in the evening, usually between 12:00 and 15:00, to commemorate the hours when Jesus was crucified.

Some churches celebrate the day by reproducing the process of the cross in the ritual of the cross, which represents the last hours of Jesus’ life. Other churches can participate in a Cross Service, a short ceremony where Christians kneel before the cross and affirm their faith.

In Jerusalem, Christians follow in Jesus’ footsteps and follow Dolorosa Street, the traditional route that leads to the site of the crucifixion. Many participants try to ritually support the same weight as Jesus by carrying the cross on their back.

Although this is not an official holiday in the Vatican or in Italy, the Pope will hold a liturgy at the Vatican before holding the annual general prayer at the Stations of the Cross at the Colosseum in Rome. Then the procession is carried out to the Palatine Hill, accompanied by a large cross covered with a burning torch.

How is Good Friday celebrated?

Various ways of celebrating the day have developed and many folk traditions and traditions are still practiced today.

In the Middle Ages, Francis of Assisi popularized symbolic worship when it could not be done with Jerusalem, known as the Crossroads or Stations of the Cross, Moril said. These offerings include crosses placed at intervals (indoors and outdoors), as well as works of art such as paintings or sculptures depicting important scenes from Jesus’ life. People stop praying, meditating, reading or listening to scripture at every station. This is most often prayed for during Lent and especially on Good Friday.

The passionate drama that dramatizes the last days of Jesus’ life also begins in the Middle Ages. The one that took place in Oberammergau was carried out every ten years until 1634.

Others take place annually at different locations across the country, such as San Antonio, Texas; Suttington, Connecticut; and Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Some believers visit seven different churches on Good Friday and each spend time praying. Others attend services based on Jesus’ last seven words (or direct quotes) with scriptures, sermons, prayers, and hymns.

Fasting and church services are part of many people’s memories on Good Friday. For Catholics, for example, worship on Good Friday is the middle part of the three-day liturgy or the official site called the triduum. “This is the most sacred liturgy this year,” said Moril.

Anglican, Orthodox and Protestant religions also hold special services on Good Friday to remember Jesus’ suffering and to prepare for the celebration of Easter Resurrection.

Is today Good Friday Service ideas

To prepare the arrangement, form a cross with lights. (The Mexican luminaria tradition is a candle that sits in the sand in a paper bag.) If you have a movable chair, arrange it in the center of the room. If you have a bench, place them next to the aisles and leave the entrance to the row open.

Pull the light through the front and up the stands, making the waistline vertically and horizontally. The church should be darkened except for the lights. Instead, you can use candles, battery lights, or small electric Christmas lights if that’s your thing. Followers go into meditation or settle into soft music – you decide. During the meeting, ask one or two people to write everyone’s name on a small piece of paper.

Invitation to church services

The next three days of Holy Week mark treason, crucifixion, death and Jesus lying in the grave. It is a dark time, but it is Easter that claims to be the people on the cross. She manifests love throughout her life – even in death. So, let us remember the gift of new life and hope for it too!


Has three readers in the entire collection; The use of a collar and a small flashlight will be of great help.

  • Reader 1: These are terrible nights where the student, immersed in a plate, betrays him.
  • Reader 2: This is the night she prays alone in the garden and asks God to forgive her but still does God’s will.
  • Reader 3: The crowd mocked him, they no longer called him king.
  • Reader 1: In the morning he stands in front of Pilate who says he should be crucified.
  • Reader 2: On the way to the hill named Skull, Simon Kirinets carries his cross.
  • Reader 3: Women weep and cry for him, but he asks the daughters of Jerusalem to cry not for him but for the world.
  • Reader 1: The crowd scoffed, shouting, “Crucify him!”
  • Reader 2: Soldiers wear purple robes on their crosses. And they put a crown of thorns on his head.
  • Reader 3: You spat on him. He was thirsty and wine was mixed with bile.
  • Reader 1: Then he was nailed to a cross and died.
  • Reader 2: (calmer) He’s dead.
  • Reader 3: (gently and attentively) He’s dead.

Ministry of Music: “It’s midnight and on Olive’s eyebrows” CCS 456 Solo or Chorus
OR Hymn: “As I Examine the Beautiful Cross” CCS 457

Reflections on the Cross

Early, relegate four individuals to give declarations on the accompanying. Each can be five or six minutes long.

  • Betrayal by one whom is trusted
  • Aloneness in time of tribulation
  • Being wrongly accused
  • The dying away of one’s spirit

Congregational Time of Silence

Ministry of Music: “Were You There” CCS 458

Remember the cross

Some time ago, I asked four people to testify about the following. Each of them can be five or six minutes long.
Betrayal by someone he trusted
Lonely when grieving
Wrongly accused
The death of one’s own mind
Time of silence for the congregation


Some time ago, three people prayed for the following.

  • Help us repent of our transgressions and get rid of unloved thoughts and deeds.
  • Purify and heal so that we become one – so that the love of Jesus can fill us in peace.
  • In times of despair, let us find hope on the cross and in Jesus’ infinite love.

Congregational Prayer: The Lord’s Prayer
* Hymns: “Touch me, Lord, with your eternal zeal” CCS 574
OR “Take me to CCS 256 with care


Don’t let your heart be restless; You believe in God. Trust me too, because I’ll be back.


The president may invite those present to come out and take names from the basket. This person will be your “secret friend” next year. You can make expressions of love for her all year round.

At last

Leave the social halls for a little refreshment in anticipation of the upcoming Easter Sunday.

Is today Good Friday Carry a cross: a tradition on Good Friday

Understand this: “At that point he said to everybody: ‘On the off chance that anybody needs to follow me, he should deny himself, take up his cross each day and follow me. Because whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever wants to save His life will lose it will lose me, it will save Luke 9: 23-24

Think: As comforting creatures, we try to avoid pain as much as possible – physically and emotionally. Even the most excited adrenaline junkie has a soft spot. We stick to what’s safe and secure in our circumstances and relationships, and of course we try to protect ourselves. Often that’s a good thing. We have to value life and protect ourselves. However, if we become too strict, we protect ourselves from following God wholeheartedly.

God often asks us to step away from our comfortable seats and set aside for His glory. He wants us to believe him, but we can only do it if we let him go and obey him. In all likelihood, Simon had something else to do that day than get personally involved in Jesus’ humiliating crucifixion. His own plans and plans were interrupted when he was ordered to carry a bloody cross for Jesus. It was hard work, bloody and shameful, but he took up the cross for Christ and walked with it in his most difficult times. In this way, he became part of the greatest story remaining in history.

What a powerful example of what Jesus didn’t teach long ago. More importantly, what Simon was forced to do, Jesus willingly did. He has faced public ridicule, brutal beatings and one of the most gruesome deaths the world has ever found. As the Son of God, he did not have to endure anything; He was no longer a prisoner of the Roman army than he could afford. Even in the final, torturous hours of being nailed to a cross, he could give up. But Jesus realized that her suffering had nothing to do with her; It is the only way we can bring sinners like you and I back to our loving Heavenly Father.

God doesn’t force us to follow it. He didn’t put a cross on us, but He wants us to willingly carry it. Our decisions will cost us; There is heavy lifting, rejection, and personal interruptions. Indeed, it will cost us everything. The only way to make our lives work hard all this time is to give it back to God and trust Him to take care of it.

Do we have a cross to carry Jesus with us like Simon? To agree to it publicly, no matter what the rest of the world thought? Getting Dirty Because of the Bible? Should we follow Jesus’ example in us and obey God even when things get tough?

Ask: What did Jesus mean by lifting his cross every day? What is a practical way of doing this? Is there an area that you still hold on to from God?

Pray: Ask God to give you courage, strength, and perseverance to follow Him every day. No matter how severe the obstacles are, how long the darkness lasts, how our plans get interrupted, we never forget that real life begins when we enjoy it.

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5 quotes from famous authors on Good Friday

“During your study, practice compassion and forgiveness, which symbolizes love that demonstrates His crucifixion.”
“Unarine Ramaru.”

“Great Friday is a day of distress and euphoria. It is a time to mourn for human sin and ponder and rejoice in God’s love and make the Atonement for sins to the only Son.”
“David Katiski.”

“Good Friday and Easter give us the freedom to think about other things, far beyond our personal destiny, of the ultimate meaning of all life, suffering and events. and we really hope.”
“Dietrich Bonhoeffer.”

“Our Lord composes the guarantee of restoration in books as well as on each spring leaf.”
“Martin Luther.”

“Christ not only spoke to us in his life, but he also spoke to us through his death.”

Good Friday Verses

Here are some Good Friday scripture

1 Peter 2:24

“He Himself bore our sins” in His body on the cross, so that we could die for sin and live in righteousness; You are healed from his wounds.

Matthew 12:40

For as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of a big fish, so the Son of Man will be in the heart of the earth three days and three nights.

John 3: 16-17

For God did not send His Son into the world to curse the world, but to save the world through him.

Mark 9:31

Because he taught his students. He said to them, “The Son of Man will be handed over to men. He will be killed and in three days he will wake up.”

Romans 5: 6-10

Did you see that just when we were helpless, Christ died for the wicked?

There are many good Friday Bible verses. You can find them on our website.

Good Friday Messages

  • He will answer your prayers today … I wish you a very happy and blessed Good Friday! Happy Good Friday.
  • May God light our way in eternal happiness. I wish you a Good Friday!.
  • May Good Friday be blessed and never doubt or forget how much God loves you. It is enough to send your only son to the cross to wash away your sins.
  • May the sacrifice of our Savior give you strength on Good Friday and may His blessings be with you and your family always.
  • May God’s blessings shine upon you on this holy day and may He always take care of you in His loving care. Happy Good Friday.
  • Pray that God will continue to love you today and bless you with His grace.
  • I only think of you on Good Friday and I pray that God will always keep you in His mercy! Happy Good Friday.
  • HE shows the way, HE is long gone, but HIS NAME shines on our hearts. Best wishes for Good Friday! Happy Good Friday.
  • HE endures everything in silence because he loves us, receives our greetings, hears our prayers … to have a blessed Good Friday!.

Good Friday is said to be one of the holiest days in Christianity; It was the day Jesus was crucified. This day is also known as Good Friday and falls on the Friday immediately followed by Easter Sunday. One of the worst days for a shower are Happy Happy Friday Quotes Images. The clothes hanging on that day will be covered in blood, and it is said that Jesus cursed a woman who washed clothes on the way to Calvary.