Bible verses about God provides

God provides everything we have and need as the creator of our life. Therefore, have faith that god will provide what is best for you. Give thanks for all you have to the lord and trust in him.Whenever you may doubt the provision of God, rely on the bible to encourage your faith and relieve … Read more

Bible verses about confidence

It’s is so easy to become disappointed because we don’t see life going the way we want and we don’t see God is working through everything in us a character like Jesus Christ. We lose confidence in trusting the lord and begin to trust in ourselves. Pride and arrogance takes over quick and we find … Read more

What the Bible says about love and marriage?

Marriage and Love in the Bible Marriage is a sacred vow between a man and woman, to “become one flesh” as the scripture says. God’s view of marriage is the divine plan for sexual relationships, to secure stable families and committed parents and spouses. The Bible provides numerous verses that give guidance for married couples, … Read more

Bible Verses About Sickness

The bible has powerful verses from healing about sickness. During Jesus christ’s life, He healed many people and healed many diseases that came across to Him. If you are seeking God’s healing, say a prayer of faith and believe that the Lord will raise you up. Jesus died on the cross to give you healing … Read more

Bible verses about Repentance

Importance of repentance in the bible The word repent means to turn or return. In the bible, the word repentance means to turn from evil and to turn to God. If we are unrighteous we need to repent and turn to God to receive his forgiveness. If we are forgiven we have access to lead … Read more

Bible verses about fear, worry, and anxiety

Fear, worry, and anxiety are the weapons that are used by Satan to keep us from experiencing the life that God gave for us. We face all the moments of fear that steal our joy and peace. We face valid fears like loss of a job, the death of our loved ones, the future of … Read more

Bible verses about Hope

In our life, we beat us down with trials, sorrows, and worries. God knows that we are all struggling and finding hope. We need to be reminded from time to time of the hope that God and the Bible offer us. When it seems to be hopeless God scriptures can deeply encourage us for our … Read more

Bible verses about forgiveness

As we are forgiven by the blood of Jesus Christ it is important to forgive others. When we repent for our sins God will forgive our sins. It is the hardest thing to forgive others in our life but unforgiveness can poison our soul and destroy us. When we forgive others God will bless us. … Read more

Happy Fathers Day Bible Verses

Bible Verses About Father’s Day – Celebrate Father’s Day and every one fathers with these Bible verses about being a godly dad and husband. These passages of Scripture declare what God intended for men and the way we will celebrate our fathers. Even though Bible verses for fathers are an ideal fit this special Sunday … Read more

Healing the biblical verses of the psalms

The Book of Psalms is a collection of cries, prayers and praise. The authors of each chapter experienced all the struggles, anxieties and fears imaginable. This collection of comforting verses will guide you to complete and complete healing. Have mercy on me, LORD, for I am faint; heal me, LORD, for my bones are in … Read more

Bible Verses About Prayer During Hard Times

The prayer of a righteous man is POWERFUL and EFFECTIVE. Prayer is that the way during which we communicate with God, and he wants to urge to understand us better. Bible verses about prayer are great if you would like to understand the way to pray. Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all … Read more

Bible Verses About Worry and Anxiety

Find comfort and peace through Scripture that promises you to hope and a future. Fear, worry, and anxiety are all weapons of Satan to keep us from experiencing the full life that God has for us. These emotions can overwhelm us and keep us paralyzed. A Prayer to Soothe an Anxious and Worried Heart: Help … Read more

Encourage Bible Verse (Despair and Anxiety)

Despair and anxiety have always been an intrinsic part of life on Earth. In times of darkness, Christians have sought the encouraging words of scripture to provide strength, wisdom, and guidance about the love and truth of God. We are reminded of this when we seek counsel and encouragement from the Bible. Despite the misfortunes … Read more

Spiritual and Emotional Healing Scriptures

Sin, abuse, neglect, rejection, betrayal … all cause great emotional and spiritual pain that hurts just like physical pain. God, our great doctor can completely heal our broken hearts and heal our wounds, heal us and heal us. Spiritual and emotional healing is often a process with stages that we must abandon. Use the following … Read more

Bible Verses About Healing Illnesses

The Bible often speaks of miraculous healing through the work of Jesus Christ and faith in God. Our Lord can bring you comfort and healing for you and your loved ones. When you are overwhelmed by health problems, bad news, or relationship difficulties, the Word of God can be your supernatural source of help. Do … Read more

Abba in the Bible – Scripture Quotes and Summary

బైబిల్లో తండ్రి “అబ్బా” ఫాదర్: Abba in the Bible – Scripture Quotes and Summary – Knowing Jesus బైబిల్లో తండ్రి గురించి సూచనలు ఏమిటి? దేవుని నిబంధన “అబ్బా ఫాదర్” బైబిల్లో మూడు వేర్వేరు సార్లు ప్రస్తావించబడింది. “అబ్బా” అనేది అరామిక్ భాషలో తండ్రికి నిర్వచించే పదం. యేసు మరియు పాల్ దేవునితో వారి వ్యక్తిగత సంబంధాలను వివరించడానికి అనధికారిక పదంగా మాట్లాడతారు. ఇది కాప్టిక్, సిరియాక్ మరియు ఇథియోపియన్ చర్చిలలోని బిషప్‌లు … Read more